Film Showcase

Welcome to my Film Showcase. Here you will find most of the Films/Productions that I have been involved with, their origin and a little Behind The Scenes.

The video next to this is a trailer I put together for a production studio that I am a part of. The trailer itself was meant to just be an overview of some films we have been working on, even if they themselves will never see the light of day.

3 to 16 is one of the biggest productions I have been involved with. Getting the chance to work with a band to produce an official music video was amazing. I worked on set as a Runner and Assistant Camera Grip. 

We also made a BTS video and Small Town Heroes has invited us back to produce a few more music videos.

For this project we were tasked to re-create a Tv/Film intro, so I suggested Top Gear. I was also the one to edit the intro, using footage from previous projects.

Divination at 12 is a Dungeons and Dragons parody news show. I wrote most of this project, apart from the horse advert.

PITCHED was a live music show hosted by Amersham College. I worked in the gallery keeping continuity and working the lighting desk. I was able to work on this project as I am currently doing a course run by them and CMS Pinewood.

Killing Arlert is my first short film that is fully written, directed, edited and produced by me. It was a great learning experience, although I would heavily remake a lot of it if I was to do it again.

This film is my Pokerhand. Like with Killing Arlert it is written, directed, edited and produced by me. However, this is the first time I attempted something serious and colour grading. Outside of some Foley, I wouldn’t change much about this film.

An Auteur’s life is a video essay that documents the life and career of Hayao Miyazaki, who founded Studio Ghibli. This was another project that I scripted and has been my favourite production from this genre.

Don’t Move To Amersham is a comedic parody promotional video about Amersham. This was another film that I edited and has probably been the one with the most re-edits.

This film is a 60s inspired matchstick advert. For I worked mainly as an editor, but also Directed and wrote part of it. The film turned out great, but ideally we should have gathered more footage on set.