YouTube Projects

I keep a YouTube Channel mainly as a hobby and to test out making  different types of content. So far I have mainly done gaming videos and montages but I am also working to produce video essay and story style content. 

Below are my favourite videos with a bit of detail behind there production.

Biscuit’s Library: Origin was originally meant to be a Christmas Special that properly introduced Biscuit as my Channel Mascot. But after a lot of positive feedback on the initial idea, I changed it into a more narrative focused series on Biscuit’s operation of his celestial library.

I plan to continue this series further but it does not have a clear style direction yet.

A Tribute To MelonCo is a montage virtual tour around a Minecraft server that was started over the first Covid lockdown. It was initially going to be a video essay but I hated every draft of the script. This video only took a couple of hours to make, which is pretty fast, but it definitely holds the most emotional impact out of all my videos.

The Road To Witch Queen is my most recent passion project. It combines my love for the Video Game Destiny 2 and the Television Show Supernatural. As of writing this, Destiny 2 is about to release the next chapter in its story and in anticipation I wanted to make something to celebrate this last chapter. I also wanted to create a Supernatural stylized recap, so I combined them and the end result is currently one of my favourite videos.